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College is not about being top of your class or getting high grades, it’s about surviving your course.

Panoorin nyo, jusko! Mabuhay lahat ng bitter dyan. Pero seryoso nakakilig ;( Ganda nung song :”> 

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A good friend will always stab you in the front.

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Prof: *discussing Plato’s dialogue entitled Phaedo and we came across the topic ‘souls’
Kate: May souls po ba ang animals?
Prof: Yes.
Kate: Kasi diba po sabi nyo na immortal po yung souls and cycle lang po sya, so may possibility po ba na yung souls ng animals mapunta sa’tin?
Marvil: *pabulong* kaya pala may mga taong ugaling ahas.
HAHAHAHAHA benta diba : ( =))))))

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And maybe that’s my weakness. I forgive people and give them the chance to break me again. However, some are worth the pain because I would rather be broken a million of times than lose them.

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To somebody who owns her own world. To somebody who’s intelligent yet insane. To somebody who can do anything: can sing, dance or act. To somebody who is too curious on stuff and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. To somebody who loves spending her time in front of the mirror, looking at her face and putting something.To somebody who would look at her face for at least ten times a day. To somebody who would persuade you to do things. To somebody who’s never tired of proving her point. As long as she believes in it, she would always explain it. To somebody who loves spending money as long as it isn’t hers. To somebody who was there for me when I needed her the most. To somebody who I can never get tired of. To somebody who annoys me as much as I annoy her. To somebody whom I can’t say NO. To somebody who accepts me for who I am. To somebody I treasure the most. To somebody I will always be proud of. To somebody whose birthday is today. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. <3

Hi Bestie!!!!!!!!!! It has been a rough day for me because I was trying my best not to greet you! Thank God I was able to resist that urge. Happy seventeenth birthday, dearest bestie!!!!!! Only God knows how grateful I am to have you(and via) as my BESTESTESTESTEST FRIENDS. Writing a letter for you and posting it on Facebook with a collage of our pictures together would be a mainstream deed that’s why I’ll rather make a textpost here for you.((still mainstream i know)) I do not have any idea how my life would really be without you as my best friend. You know what I mean. We never quarrelled. WE MAY ARGUE A LOT BUT IT NEVER CAME TO A POINT WHERE WE WONT TALK TO EACH OTHER. The both of us couldn’t stand not talking to each other. We have endless conversations whenever we’re together. We have the same tastes and such. I do not know but maybe our trio, you via and me, is a match made from heaven. Quit acting like a bitch without us. WE DO IT ALTOGETHER.OKAY.  After all what have happened, here we are studying in the same university yet we don’t see each other as often as we want!!!!! Dem schedules however, we can meet as long as we fix our freakin’ schedules. 

Bianca, I THANK YOU SUPER SUPER FOR EVERYTHING. A thank you would never be enough but THANKYOU FOR STAYING BY MY SIDE. For being that someone who stood by my side when I was about to fall. Thank you for the advices and for defending((not a right term)) me. Should I say sorry? I have done nothing against you. Aha. But yeah. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE AND IM REALLY HOPING YOU HAD A GOOD ONE. I love you to the moon and back and if ever you will need me, I’ll be here. I WILL LISTEN AND IF I NEED TO SLAP YOU, I WILL DO TOO. 

Please stay sweet and clingy and caring and pretty((eventho you’re not))

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW. But kuya brian ehem ehem. I know. I won’t argue. But please. LET HIM BE YOU HAPPY EVER AFTER. ((HUWOW)) I don’t want you getting sad and hurt and crying over the phone. ((SOMETIMES I JUST WANNA LAUGH AT YOU BUT IM A GOOD FRIEND EHE))







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